Small Classes

Our classes are capped at 12 students to allow individualized attention and encourage maximum student participation. Our small classes are similar to individual tutoring in that every student goes at their own pace. 

Chart Your Course

Students will never get lost using their online customized road map  with over 5000 questions and 250 hours of videos to supplement learning at home in between classes. They also receive a 587 page workbook. Access to the platform is free for one year so our students can continue preparation after the course ends. 

Progress Tracking and Triads

We give our students frequent scored and timed full College Board exams to track their progress and ascent towards their goals. We also strongly believe in parent/guardian involvement, and so we work in "Triad" teams (student + parent + Step Prep) to ensure the success of every student. 

Beyond the Content

Many students find test-taking under time pressure difficult. We cover important test-taking and time management strategies in great detail and give students plenty of practice with these important skills so their confidence keeps building right up to the test date. 

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